Came EMBARASINGLY CLOSE to buying a 75$ japansese import in-box fig of sid viscious today before I came to my senses


Call me Keith. I'm a graphic design student + landscaper + aspiring carenter/ construction worker who lives between Toronto and the outskirts of Ottawa.

I like hardcore, d-beat, grind, smooth jazz, hyperpop and whatever. Social media is terrible for my mental health but I think there is still a lot of value in being online and meeting other people here. I'm nearly 20 - big boy.

I am primarily here becuase I want to do CREATIVE COLABS with others. If you are a writer or band or somthing, I would love to do a design for your writing or album or somthing just to say I did it. Do hit me up at one of my contact points. If yer an artist or designer I would also love to network.

gmail/ hangouts/ chat:

discord: keithsweet#4408

bandcamp: AvgKdSd.FM


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UPDATE: I got a muchhhh better website up in the pipes.. just working out the actual code rn! See where Im at with my testing page here