History Research

Doing a lot of reserach on indigenous population and treaties in my city. I am really enjoying it becuase I love history. However, i need not kid myself about the intelectual vigor required in this program becuase they only gave us 2 weeks to break some very complex issues down (reflects the fact that designers will never be in charge of project) so I'm struggling but trying to do the work justice. I just don't think a lot of things are worth doing if you arn't going to take the time to actually understand, KNOW them. Then you don't reall yknwo them. Or this could be by paralyzing perfectionism getting me once again.

Package Design

I'm making a package for like a fishing lure for BASSMASTER OPENS. its going to be very nature inspired and have a wooden card that you can use to carry your lure and a fancy one that you can frame. behind on this one.

Technology, Experts and Society

Best class, as I do not like my program. Third year level class on the role and construction of expertise, scientific proffesion and knowledge. I really enjoy this and plan to one day do all the readings in my spare time.

Country Fair Designs

Designing a brand identity for a country fair near my hometown, including a poster, tickets, and a panphlet.


Very greatful to have a job this year, and a grphic design one at that. I am working for a department in a university where they want all their pdfs, their horrible newletter, etc all redesigned.