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I really need to find some time to learn about serach engines, privacy, and data that is attatched and trackable to you. I don't think Im googling anything insane but I am sort of realizing now how many things I could get info about from the internet but I just. Don\t want attached to me in some silo somewhere, or being piled into a radicalization // pacification machine. I just want to see whats on the internet without the permancence. I want to be able to look at a book, or look for the existance of somthign without it being attached to all my identifiers for eternity. If I pick up a questionable book on a library shelf, thats all Ive done. It doesnt mean anything other than I was curious or wanted to learn more, see what was there. All Ive done is breifly hold a set of writing in my consiousless for the time I was looking. There is no record of my conciousness in the library. I just looked. I'm afraid of looking at things that worry me in the world, to understand at teh source, to really understand what other people in this world are opperating on, forming their judgements, acting the way they do, beucase nothing but my having sought such a thing is on record.

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